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Audience Measurement & Actionable Insights

Forever + More is a family business founded by husband and wife team, Dennis and Renee Stojkovic.

Forever + More operates a climate controlled manufacturing facility situated in Vasse, Western Australia, where local artisans create their range of Candles, Melts, Diffusers and Sanitisers, by hand, using a small batch approach, to ensure quality and consistency.

Forever + More is focused on providing products that are environmentally friendly, sustainable, effective, and most importantly safe to use.

In May 2021 Forever + More opened their first retail outlet, a Boutique, in the foyer at the Duxton Hotel, Perth, Western Australia.

Forever+More Boutique

You Can Only Manage What You Measure!

With that understanding Forever + More subscribed to Xsights Gateway Analytics for Audience Measurement & Insights Reporting with a focus on:

  • Collecting Audience Data including Count, Location, Time & Dwell for the Duxton Foyer and their New Boutique (within the Duxton) to understand location traffic.
  • Collecting Attributable Sales & Brand Awareness results for specific Audience Engagement activities, and,
  • Optimising time of day staff resource allocations for customer service and personal selling.

Collecting Audience Data

Forever + More held their Official Boutique Launch Event on Friday the 16th of April 2021.

Following an initial 3 week launch trading period, Xsights deployed two Gateways on location to collect and process data for Audience Measurement & Insights Reporting.

Gateway One Duxton Hotel Foyer - was configured to collect total location audience data.

Gateway Two Forever + More Boutique - was configured to collect location audience data within immediate proximity as a sub audience of total foyer audience.

The reporting period for this case study comprised Monday 10 May to Monday 2 August 2021 (12 weeks inclusive).

By The Numbers.

(For 12 week Reporting Period)

Audience & Engagement

Forever & More Daily Uniques = 6,827
Duxton Foyer Daily Uniques = 122,008
Audience Engagement = 5.6%

Audience & Time of Day

84% of Total Unique Audience between the hours of 7am to 7pm.
20% of Total Unique Audience between 7am and 10am.

Dwell Time - Monthly Average

The Boutique Audience Dwell Time decreased over the 3 month reporting period, with 0 < 5 minutes share of total audience increasing from 74% to 78.4%.

Dwell Time - Sunday Average

Inversely, the Boutique Audience Dwell Time on Sunday increased over the 3 month reporting period, with 0 < 5 minutes share down from 67.1% to 63.5% and the 20+ minutes increasing from 7.3% to 11.9%.

Actionable Insights.

Dennis Stojkovic – Owner for Forever + More Candles had this to say;

‘Operating a Boutique in a Hotel has its challenges when converting foot traffic as compared with a traditional retail location. You’re relying on guests at the hotel that are staying because it’s for a special occasion etc. not necessarily to shop.

Xsights Gateway Analytics helped us to develop our Audience Profiles including identifying the optimal times for engagement, such as Sunday for High Tea and Saturday check outs. Also, lunch times were good as there were corporate people coming in for lunch which align with our converted Shopper demographic profiles.

I would like to thank the team from Xsights for their guidance and professionalism from start to finish. We would highly recommend Xsights Gateway Analytics for other Retailers seeking to understand their audience at a deeper level than simply basic transactional data.’

Dean Phillips – Xsights Director had this to say;

‘It was a pleasure to work with Dennis & the Team at Forever + More Candles, to provide Audience Measurement at their new boutique.

Interestingly, the high traffic timeslots, did not necessarily translate to the greatest engagement and sales conversions outcomes, like traditional retail locations. Location activities linked to non check in and check out traffic were certainly key times to target for audience engagement.'

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You Can Only Manage What You Measure!