Curtin Beanbag Tracking Xsights Team - 15 October 2019 - Asset Management, Beacons, Public Spaces Curtin University of Perth, Western Australia prides itself on being a progressive, innovative learning campus that provides a vibrant environment for its students. With a global reach and a community feel, they take modern steps toward excellence at every opportunity. READ MORE
IGA Supermarkets Trade Fair Digital Advertising & Targeted Promotions Drives Record Sales Xsights Team - 4 September 2019 - Beacons, Events, Retail Recently Xsights partnered with Metcash to drive Retailer Engagement and Sales at their annual Retailer Trade Fair in WA. The execution comprised; The development and delivery of a Specific Trade Event App, Xsights Digital Signage Solution for Supplier/Exhibitor & Event READ MORE
Double-Digit Growth Drives Long-Term Retail Partnership Xsights Team - 12 April 2018 - Analysis, Beacons, Retail When Greg Rice of Ballajura Marketplace IGA chose to learn more about his customers and drive his store’s revenue, he turned to Xsights. Data analytics have provided a fresh look into his business, and made it possible to achieve double-digit READ MORE
Industrial mining Xsights Team - 5 March 2018 - Asset Management, Beacons The application of beacons in logistics – and specifically in mining applications – promises a future of streamlined asset tracking, safe workplaces, and automated security. Beacons for asset monitoring Reusable goods are a key cost saver in warehouse logistics, and READ MORE
How retailers know as much about their customers offline, as they do online Xsights Team - 23 February 2018 - Beacons, Data capture, Retail Retailers have always understood that maximizing their relationship with customers is the key to long term success. But there is a massive gap between understanding what a customer does online and what they do in-store. Wayfinding beacons help diagnose breakdowns READ MORE
How to stop losing people and equipment in healthcare campuses Xsights Team - 16 February 2018 - Beacons, Healthcare There’s nothing more frustrating than knowing where you need to go, but not how to get there. Navigating Healthcare Campuses Provides Unique Challenges Consider a sprawling hospital campus. The separate areas of expertise for doctors and staff mean that most READ MORE
How beacons improve the customer experience in your event space Xsights Team - 9 February 2018 - Beacons, Events, Public Spaces Public spaces harbor incredible opportunities to use beacons for gathering data from a multitude of population segments, tracking people and assets, and enabling effective traffic flow. Improve Traffic flow and outlet capture Consider a crowded sporting event. In the past, READ MORE