IGA Supermarkets Trade Fair Digital Advertising & Targeted Promotions Drives Record Sales Xsights Team - 4 September 2019 - Beacons, Events, Retail Recently Xsights partnered with Metcash to drive Retailer Engagement and Sales at their annual Retailer Trade Fair in WA. The execution comprised; The development and delivery of a Specific Trade Event App, Xsights Digital Signage Solution for Supplier/Exhibitor & Event READ MORE
How beacons improve the customer experience in your event space Xsights Team - 9 February 2018 - Beacons, Events, Public Spaces Public spaces harbor incredible opportunities to use beacons for gathering data from a multitude of population segments, tracking people and assets, and enabling effective traffic flow. Improve Traffic flow and outlet capture Consider a crowded sporting event. In the past, READ MORE