Rigters Group wins high steaks retail battle with successful launch of dedicated BBQ department! Dean Phillips - 14 January 2021 - Analysis, Audience Measurement, Data capture, Footfall, Gateway Analytics, Gateways, IoT, IoT Devices, Retail

Audience Measurement & Actionable Insights.

Since 1969, Rigters Supermarkets have been the locals’ choice for grocery shopping in Geraldton, Western Australia. As a locally owned, family business with 3 convenient locations, they operate in a highly competitive market and pride themselves on continuous improvement of their supermarket offer to meet the needs of their shoppers.

The Team at Rigters identified the opportunity in their demographic catchment, to create a point of difference to their competitors, by launching a new, on trend, destination department for BBQing, to attract and retain the high value BBQing shopper for their Queens SUPA IGA store.

In partnership with Xsights (for Audience Measurement & Insights Reporting), and in collaboration with Metcash, Smokey Q, Linley Valley Pork & Mt Barker Chicken, Rigters in only 12 weeks have achieved their Vision to ‘Inspire BBQ’.

By The Numbers.

(For 12 week Reporting Period)

• BBQ Department Total Cumulative Audience of 52,000 Shoppers with devices.
• Department audience count grew from 9% to 17% of total Store Shoppers – equating to approximately 1 in every 5 shopping trips.
• The department audience count hit a peak of 25.6% of total shoppers during the In Store Event.

• Friday from 3pm to 5pm and Saturday 10am to 12pm were the most popular days & times for Shoppers to visit the BBQ Department.

• 25% of Shoppers spent greater than 5 minutes in the BBQ Department.
• 5% of Shoppers were classified as Highly Engaged – with a dwell time of greater than 20 minutes.
• Highly Engaged shoppers (+20 Mins) grew by 1.6% for Total Store.

• $25,000 Incremental Sales at 40% Gross Profit for New BBQ Department Range and Bulk Meat lines.
• BBQ Shopper Avg. Basket $63 vs. Queens Shopper Avg. Basket $46.
• Smokey Q Leading Product Supplier with 13% share of Incremental BBQ Department Sales.

• The In Store Event delivered the highest audience count, dwell & greatest attributable sales, followed by the 3 days leading up to Christmas and New Year’s Eve.
• In addition to the incremental sales from the added Bulk Cut meats, Rigters also enjoyed increased interest in their Dry Age & Wagyu Meats section, achieving a further $6k in sales during the reporting period.
• Rigters took the opportunity to launch a Private FaceBook Group for BBQ and Smoking Meats successfully onboarding 322 members and counting.

Actionable Insights.

Stuart Bain – Operations Manager for Rigters Group had this to say;

‘The Audience Measurement metrics of count, time and dwell – collected and reported through Xsights Gateway Analytics - have been critical to validating the effectiveness of our sales and marketing activities and defining our results. In addition to the exceptional return on investment we have achieved, the highlight has definitely been the increased Shopper engagement with Staff and the new personal relationships we have formed and are growing through our BBQ community online and in store.’

Dean Phillips – Xsights Director had this to say;

‘Whilst just one execution, it is great to have further insights into the contribution of advertising and variables affecting promotions to drive profitable sales and meaningful shopper engagement. It is exciting to see that opportunities still exist for Independent Retailers to differentiate and drive a value proposition that attract new customers, not born and reliant on price discounting, and not easily replicated by their competitors.’

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Rigters Supermarkets Win with New BBQ Department.