IGA Supermarkets Trade Fair Digital Advertising & Targeted Promotions Drives Record Sales Xsights Team - 4 September 2019 - Beacons, Events, Retail

Recently Xsights partnered with Metcash to drive Retailer Engagement and Sales at their annual Retailer Trade Fair in WA.

The execution comprised;

  • The development and delivery of a Specific Trade Event App,
  • Xsights Digital Signage Solution for Supplier/Exhibitor & Event Specific Advertising,
  • Configuration and installation of Xsights Beacons for Beacon Triggered Events,
  • Rendered Event & Supplier Exhibitor Reports for collected data.

By the Numbers

61 Supplier/Exhibitor Booths.
130 Retailers represented.
96 Retailer Trade Fair App Users.
67 Active Trade Fair App Users, generating over 100,000 rows of Data.
14 Participating Suppliers for Beacon Triggered Offers.
71 Accepted Beacon Triggered Offers.
Average Attendee Time at the Trade Fair was 3 hours 19 minutes.
The Supplier/Exhibitors with the highest stand dwell times where those executing Beacon Triggered Offers including Campbell Arnott’s, Schweppes & Unilever.

Actionable Insights

Matt Barry – Metcash WA Merchandise & Marketing Manager had this to say;

‘Being able to access Xsights Gateway Analytics has allowed us to validate and report on key location audience data for the first time. Not only did we improve our results in the first instance of execution, but we have also, subsequently, been able to use this data to create actionable insights to shape our future executions.’

Dean Phillips – Xsights Director had this to say;

‘We would like to thank the team at Metcash, for giving us the opportunity to demonstrate and put to the test our Gateway Analytics Solution coupled to our Digital Signage & Targeted Promotions Applications. We are excited about the partnership we have formed with Metcash to utilize Proximity Audience Data to drive their customer engagement & sales initiatives.’

Final Thought

Xsights in partnership with Metcash for their annual Retailer Trade Fair, is another example of how validated data collection can enable a higher level of intuitive understanding for the development of actionable insights. Proximity Audience Data for a location, be it a trade fair event or in a retail store, is now highly accessible, affordable and easy to set up with the launch of Xsights Gateway Analytics.

To find out more about Xsights Gateway Analytics, visit; www.xsights.io